ORCAS USA offers several online and offline IT solutions for entertainment centers.

Briefing kiosks


  • Up to 90% less refunds
  • Save $50,000 in employee costs
  • All customers must pass a test

Before purchasing a race ticket, every client has to watch a movie and answer questions. In this movie stress the track rules are explained, but it also include other the no refund policy or marketing information.

After every movie clip the customers has to answer a multiple choice question. Only when all questions are answered correctly, the customer can register to race.

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Software solutions

We build marketing automation, online ticket sales, social media feedback systems, etc. We link the offline and online world.

We either act as an intermediary between the customer and 3rd party software suppliers, or we build our own custom solutions using standard software solutions such as Office 365, WordPress, Mailchimp, etc.

CASE STUDY: 5 star facebook machine

We collect 5 star facebook and google reviews by stimulating happy customers to leave a review online.

We have accomplished that by creating a marketing automation flow. We automatically export the email addresses and other relevant information from the registration system used. We push that information into an emailing system which sends out a scheduled email. The clients end up on a landing page and then the magic happens... 5 star reviews...

Marketing automation is the ability of software to operationalize your communications and help efficiently manage repetitive tasks.